september 24, 2009

"Ah come on let's, take off everything!"

in school and at the moment i have psychology. maybe not the most enjoyable subject in the world, but atleast we're in front of the computers. had a math test during my first lesson, which kinda sucker. math is like, i can hardly put 2 and 2 together, it's so far beyond and above me, so now i hadrdly try anymore. though, actually today, it felt like some of the question made sense, but then i bet it was wrong anyway. i mean, i, who royally suck at math can't be correct! right!?

anyhow, only an hour left in psych, and then two more lessons to go. english and TOK. haven't read gatsby, a book which i have come to the conlcusion blows. honestly, to the god i don't believe in, the books is a total bore! i mean, i get the classics, and i understand why people throw gatsby-themed parties, but i still don't like it. atonement is much better, that book i love. additionally, on TOK i am supposed to have decided what topic i'm gonna choice for my essay, but that too i haven't done. hopefully, i'll have some time during lunch to do that.

today ther will be coffee at the library with jen, like most days. probably gonna do some non school stuff, to lighten up my day and then go home and bury mýself in the books. but that's life i guess!

gotta get back to what i'm doing now... which is not psychology! just printed a few photos of my darling caleb followill. hottest man in the world if you ask me. southern charm and all that crap is just the best.

SMELL YOU LATER MASTER PEE! (will always be greatful to jared followill for that beautiful line... haha)


Come On Eileen - with The Cure

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